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【海韵讲座】2024年第6期-The Need for Fuzzy AI
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报告题目:The Need for Fuzzy AI

主讲人:Jon Garibaldi,宁波诺丁汉大学执行校长,IEEE Fellow




Artificial intelligence (AI) is once again a topic of huge interest around the world. Whilst advances in the capability of machines are being made at an incredible rate, there is also increasing focus on the need for computerised systems to be able to explain their decisions, at least to some degree. It is also clear that data and knowledge in the real world are characterised by uncertainty. Fuzzy systems based on Zadeh's Fuzzy Sets introduced in 1965 can provide decision support systems, which both handle uncertainty and have explicit representations of uncertain knowledge and inference processes. However, it is not yet clear how any decision support systems, including those featuring fuzzy methods, should be evaluated as to whether their use is permitted. In this talk, I will present a conceptual framework of 'indistinguishability' as being the key component of the evaluation of computerised decision support systems. Hence, I will argue for the need for 'fuzzy AI' in two senses: (i) the need to use fuzzy methodologies within knowledge-based systems to represent and reason with uncertainty; and (ii) the need for fuzziness in evaluating AI systems, with including acceptance of imperfect performance.

告人简介:Prof. Jon Garibaldi is currently the Provost of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and a member of the University of Nottingham Executive Board (UEB). He is Head of the Intelligent Modelling and Analysis (IMA) Research Group and was a Founding Director of the University of Nottingham Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC). Prof. Garibaldi obtained a BSc in Physics from University of Bristol in 1984, and an MSc in Intelligent Systems and PhD from University of Plymouth in 1991, and 1997, respectively. After joining the School of Computer Science University of Nottingham in 2002, he became a full Professor in 2012, and held a variety of administrative roles including Admissions Tutor, Director of Teaching and then Head of School.

His main research interest is in developing intelligent techniques to model human reasoning in uncertain environments, with a particular emphasis on the medical domain. Prof. Garibaldi has been the PI on EU and EPSRC projects worth over £3.5m, and CoI on a portfolio of grants worth over £80m. Prof. Garibaldi has published over 300 articles on fuzzy systems and intelligent data analysis, including over 100 journal papers and over 200 conference articles. In January 2017, Prof. Garibaldi was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, the leading international journal in the field of fuzzy methods. He was Publications Chair of FUZZ-IEEE 2007 and General Chair of the 2009 UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence, and has served regularly in the organising committees and programme committees of a range of leading international conferences and workshops, such as FUZZ-IEEE, WCCI, EURO and PPSN. He has recently been elected as a Fellow of the IEEE (class of 2021).

邀请人:人工智能系 江敏

主讲人 Jon Garibaldi,宁波诺丁汉大学执行校长,IEEE Fellow 主持人
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